Astonishing Wye Valley - London

Living in Britain is like going on a trip now and then to see beautiful streets, gardens, palaces, and many more. Wye Valley which is located on the border of England and Wales is 126 square miles. This valley’s name is after the river Wye which flows on both sides of the border. Notwithstanding, this place is not only famous for its spectacular natural beauty, but tourists all over the world come here to feel the nature.

Wye Valley

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The Wye Valley is very popular since 18th century as a travel hotspot for visitors whilst the famous poets come here and write about this place in terms of castle ruins, the scenery of Riverside.

The town inside the Wye valley is very prominent and stunning. The Ross-on-Wye city is very historical, and the shops of the street are full of antique pieces. People all around come here to buy those things. The most mind-blowing feature of this town is it's 700 years old parish church and alms-houses.

Tintern Abbey in Wye valley

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Now coming to the south side to explore Tintern Abbey, it has been a very romantic destination for poets who wrote on this. The ruins of this place are so beautiful that one person doesn’t want to go from there. It was established in 1131 by the first Cistercian in Wales.


Symonds Yat Rock

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It's the most stunning yet dazzling view of Wye River and the Wye valley. You can see the river flowing and making its way through green fields and forests. After that, you will walk on Mailscot Wood Trail which is a rocky path between the forest Dean. While walking, you will feel like its good to have the nature around without any hustle bustle of cities. Indeed, you will get everything clean and green from air to whatever you eat.


Gloucester Cathedral

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The church is 1000 years old yet stunning from outside, and you feel very relaxed when you go inside. It has a garden in the middle which brings the essence of real nature once again.

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